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How much weichai WD10 series marine engine for the power 240hp 300hp 315hp 326hp

Sinooutput export weichai marine engine WD10 series, the most popular power is 240hp, 280hp, 315hp, 326hp for africa, Europ and America area, the price range is from USD7000 to USD13000.

The biggest features of this weichai marine engine are:
Compact in structure, good looking, enough power, better economic, higher stability, lower smoke, lower noise, small vibration, high speed, easy to maintain, mainly used for many kinds of ships, fiberglass fishing boats, high speed yacht, patrol vessel, LCT, cargo ship etc.
Steyr series 6 cylinder inline direct injection, water cooled with heat exchanger and intercooler, electrical start, normally the flywheel size is SAE1#14, 9.726L displacement, fuel consumption is, dry manifold can change to wet manifold.
The before type is WD615 series and since 2015 it update to WD10. and why customers will choose this engine?
Firstly because weichai brand is really famous all over the world with more than 200 after sale service station. That can be in the area of Africa, Europ, America, middle east and Asia.
Secondly the history of weichai is more than 30 years, since 1998 year weichai and Sinotruk was a same enterprise, but because finally the leaders different ideas, weichai was apart from Sinotruk, did his own products, and since 2018 weichai and sinotruk combined again, so that is why until now weichai and Sinotruk most engine have the same structure, and most spare parts are exchangeable. Now weichai and Sinotruk are China top 3 brand in the same line.
Thirdly, the optional marine power is complete, from power 20hp to 2000hp. The competitive price for the engine model WP4, WP6, WHM6160, 6170, 8170 and CW6200, CW8200 series, but for the engine 90-450hp, Sinotruk marine engine is more competitive, especially Sinotruk 400hp and 450hp is really cheaper than weichai and the same quality as weichai. So that is why we Sinooutput will suggest customers firstly choose Sinotruk if the marine engine power in the range from 90hp to 450hp.
Sinooutput Group Ltd. Just want to find the more suitable products for each customers, if same quality with the cheaper price, if same price but with the higher quality, even both all the same we sinooutput supply better service. For example we usually say we supply 366 days working time not 365 days, why? Because every 4 years there is one year with 366 day, that is why we say like this. Even just one day distance we could consider, then how about to our customers. We have the responsibility to take care of them, yes they are god, god for our workers, our workers need the salary to support their daily life, only market o-riented and customers o-riented, then we could better support our workers.
Now here repeat again one of our company culture, that is customer is first, worker are second, and leaders last. How long one company could survive, not only from the products, not only from the development capacity, not only from the government rules, but also from the customers o-riented, market confidence and the correct value message to do each business.
Welcome leave your message for we further discussion in the following days, if you have different ideas please just tell us, thank you!

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