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Mechanical marine engine is better or common rail marine engine is better?

Thanks for following my blog, this is really a good questions especially for the marine engine, which is better for mechanical or common rail?
Please kindly reading the following words, then make your own conclusion about it:
The marine diesel engine with electronic high-pressure common rail fuel injection system uses advanced electronically controlled high-pressure common rail fuel injection technology. Compared with the National II engine that uses a mechanical pump, the structure and characteristics are many different. Common rail technology refers to the high-pressure fuel pump, In the closed-loop system composed of pressure sensor and ECU, a fuel supply method that completely separates the generation of injection pressure and the injection process from each other. The high-pressure fuel pump delivers high-pressure fuel to the public fuel supply pipe. Realize precise control, make the pressure of the high-pressure oil pipe have nothing to do with the engine speed, which can greatly reduce the change of diesel engine fuel supply pressure with the engine speed, thus reducing the defects of traditional diesel engines. The ECU controls the fuel injection volume of the fuel injector. The fuel injection volume depends on the pressure of the fuel rail (common fuel supply pipe) and the opening time of the solenoid valve. The common rail system separates fuel pressure generation and fuel injection. If the unit pump diesel injection technology is compared to the revolution of diesel technology, then the common rail can be called a rebellion, because it deviates from the traditional diesel system and approximates For sequential gasoline injection system. The common rail system opens up new ways to reduce diesel engine emissions and noise.
The high-pressure common rail fuel injection system has the following notable features:
1, The fuel injection pressure of the electronically controlled high-pressure common rail Euro III engine is high and relatively constant, which has nothing to do with the engine speed; the mechanical pump engine relies on increasing the engine speed to increase the fuel injection pressure to provide greater power. That is, as much horsepower as you step on the accelerator.
2, The maximum torque zone and economic speed zone of the electronically controlled high-pressure common rail Euro II engine are generally set in the low-to-medium speed zone of the engine, the mechanical parts are less worn, and the service life is relatively long; the working speed of the mechanical pump engine is generally in the middle-to-high speed zone, The mechanical parts are worn out, and the service life is short. That is, the driver often said that the refueling is not as fast as the big pump.
3 When the electronically controlled high-pressure common rail Euro II engine is running under load, the fuel injection quantity is based on the engine system; the electronically controlled common rail Euro II engine has a longer life. Some shipowners said that EFI engines are not durable and easy to break. Gasoline engines and carburetors have also been replaced by EFI! They did not say that there are always problems. For the same reason, diesel EFI intelligent management saves fuel and has low noise. Maintenance is expensive, so there is no need to talk about maintenance. It is necessary. The mechanical pump engine also needs to be maintained on schedule! If it is repaired, it depends on how the ship owner manages the ship. No one likes their own ship always having problems! There must be a reason for the matter, so don't consider the quality problem. The engine you choose is definitely decided after you decide, compare and compare! The most important thing is maintenance.
4, The electronically controlled high-pressure common rail country II engine has higher torque than the mechanical pump country II engine. Under the same power, the rated engine speed can be reduced, so that the engine life is longer, and the long-term benefit of the entire ship: a significant increase. When choosing a marine engine, you need to carefully read the configuration, engine horsepower, gearbox speed ratio, calculated shaft and propeller, etc., which are inseparable from the power fuel consumption. Everyone has basic knowledge of engine and gearbox, but often Other parts of the entire ship will be ignored.
In order to prolong the service life of the engine, please choose the best choice and maintain on time! 
If you still not sure it, please we could share our customers buying features:
Asia and Europ customers will choose the common rail engine engine.
The other area customers like mechanical marine engine.
Yes we understand different customers have difference choice, even it is not decided by you, we should consider more such as the engineers availability etc.

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