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Why are propellers made of bronze?

As a buyer every one wants to buy an economic propeller. The bronze propeller is a best choice up to now. Yes Sinooutput Group LTD. nearly all buyers choose the bronze propeller.
As a manufacture every one wants to produce the competitive propeller to gain the market. The bronze propeller is a best way to achieve that.
Besides that, the bronze materials is more easy to produce than other materials.
Actually there is 3 materials can be as the inboard diesel engine propulsion system propeller:
Carbon steel: Which is the most economic one, it is usually by integrated cast or by welding, just for some small fresh river water is no problem, but for the long navigation is not acceptable.
Stainless steel: for the ice breaker ship it is well popular propeller because of its hardness, but the whole producing need very high temperature even more than 1000 degree about. The higher temperature will make the producing cost very high, so because of its non-economic features, nearly few people like this stainless steel materials.
Bronze: more than 99% shipyards or ship owners choose bronze propeller. And some people just call it brass propeller, we understand each person with difference language expressions. The bronze materials can be divided into bronze CU1, CU2, CU3, CU4, how to figure them out, please check this pictures:

CU2 nearly no one choose it. So the CU1, CU3, CU4 is more popular types.
For the stability the sequence is CU1 less than CU4 less than CU3.
Here Alice would like to share a story and chinese cultures about it.
The bronze color golden color, when I was young, i dreamed to have a hand ring or a ear ring with golden color, if they are real gold, it will be best, haha, but it was just a dream, I was a poor girl and of course my parents were all poor. At that time we just thought maybe we can have a golden propeller, haha now we dreams come out, we produce golden propellers every day and export more than 120 countries all over the world, not only we ourselves come out our golden dreams but also help more buyers and more customers achieve their golden dreams, what an interested dream! Yes why not have a dream in our mind, maybe one day it will come out.
Another thing is about our chinese cultures. The golden colors means royal power, any one with this golden color, means he has power and strength, he must be a leaders for a country or at least for an area. All chinese history each emperor always every day for working with the clothes golden color, and the fabric golden color even the dragon and phoenix embroidery are all golden color. And the emperor mother and father are all keep the same cloth wearing habit. Here share you the golden emperor yellow robe pictures as:

So from now on, if you want to show your power to others, just take your golden cloth to tell them, haha, keep smile.
And just image your boat by the bronze yellower emperor color to sail on the sea, there is power to assist and as the propulsion system, a safety and lucky ship owner is you!

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