Marine engine
How to choose the suitable marine engines for ships?
This is really a good questions, Sinooutput would like according to our experience to you some suggestions for this questions.
1. Different ship/vessel type will be different engines.
Will consider it from the engine weight, dimensions(especially for the replacing power projects), light fuel or heavy duty fuel, displacement, emission, torque, dry or wet exhaust cylinder liner, even brand etc.
For example if your ship is some light alum. Boat and very limited space for the engine room, then the yacht type engines will be better for your boats.
For example you have a tug boat, maybe you should consider the torque problems, is that enough for operation, if possible, maybe you also need the thruster bow etc.
For example you have a fiberglass fishing boat, maybe you will consider the engine configuration maybe with water wet exhaust besides the weight and dimension factors etc.
For example your fishing boat local bureau has the max. Power limitation for each boat, also please when you design the boat should also consider, but if you not familiar with this issue, please contact Sinooutput, we will find some solution for you.