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How to choose the suitable marine engines for ships?

By Alice December 26th, 2023 361 views
How to choose the suitable marine engines for ships?

This is really a good questions, Sinooutput would like according to our experience to you some suggestions for this questions.

1. Different ship/vessel type will be different engines.

Will consider it from the engine weight, dimensions(especially for the replacing power projects), light fuel or heavy duty fuel, displacement, emission, torque, dry or wet exhaust cylinder liner, even brand etc.

For example if your ship is some light alum. Boat and very limited space for the engine room, then the yacht type engines will be better for your boats.

For example you have a tug boat, maybe you should consider the torque problems, is that enough for operation, if possible, maybe you also need the thruster bow etc.

For example you have a fiberglass fishing boat, maybe you will consider the engine configuration maybe with water wet exhaust besides the weight and dimension factors etc.

For example your fishing boat local bureau has the max. Power limitation for each boat, also please when you design the boat should also consider, but if you not familiar with this issue, please contact Sinooutput, we will find some solution for you.

For example your country for the boat emission have strict rules such as emission 2 or emission 4 or 5, it of course will increase the engine cost by emission treatment units.

2. Which power is better for my boat?

Some smaller boat maybe outboard gasoline engine is better, some ships usually inboard diesel engines, actually the diesel engine is more powerful than gasoline engines even they are with the same power. That is why recently more and more customers find Sinooutput to do the gasoline change into diesel engine.

If possible welcome share your boat complete information with the target speed, if boat drawings that will be helpful for Sinooutput to calculate the exact engine power, all this job is for free, please do not worry, Sinooutput just focus on to service shipyards and ship owners.


3. The engine price is also a big factors to choose the suitable engines.

Each buyer has his ownself target price for sourcing the marine equipment, Sinooutput with nearly 70 years experience would like to help you, at least we could offer you three types for you checking and comparing and to make a smart decision.

For example Sinooutput will list you:

Cummins: This is originally American brand, the quality is better and of course the price is really expensive, and if you purchase from China will no the global after sale service from the each country protect rules. As far as we known, Sinooutput customers Only some long travel sea yacht, or industrial ships, commercial ships and even some government projects will adopt Cummins brand.

Weichai: China top brand, quality is good price is good. Customers from more than 150 countries, no matter for the rive or the sea that really could help you save more. But please remember to prepare enough quick wear parts for some emergency matters.

Yuchai: Also good the price some models less than Weichai and some models higher than weichai, for River navigation, that is really a good choice, but for the sea travelling please remember to change the intercooler and heat exchanger by copper.

Shangchai: Also a long history brand, some parts are exchangeable with Cummins, the price is in the middle area, but the market so many fake type, please check the original and new when you purchase it.

Sinotruk: Weichai brother brand, the most competitive price is for the engine power 315hp and 450hp, but its max. Rated power is 450hp, if for other bigger power, please you should switch to other band.


4. The engine quality should well considered.

Each ship owner wants have a stable quality and smooth travelling, they are more worry about the captain call them in the middle night, haha, is that you?


5. The quick wear parts availability and its delivery time.

Most parts sinooutput could supply within 7-10 days, some others maybe 20-25 days about, welcome to discuss with this matters when you order the engines.


6. The engine after sale service matters.

Sinooutput is mainly to do long business and long customers, that is why many customers follow us more than 20 years, the 366 days online after sale service is always available for you. Not only for the tech. Guidance but also for the whole life after sale service, Sinooutput is just aside of you. For the ship owners they are more focus on the market and need more tech. Support, we just more concern than ship owners.


7. The maintenance cost issue.

If you like, welcome to share your ideas for your engines models, Sinooutput would like give you some suggestion for your engines daily maintenance, for longer your engine using life. And as we known, when purchasing a new engines, most customers like the mechanical type than the common rail type because the first choice is easy to repair and maintain, which one you prefer?


After checking above words, may I know what is your smart decision? If need further assistance, welcome leave message here for deep discussion, thanks for your reading.

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