What is Sinotruk marine engine?

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Update time : 2021-12-17 18:07:06
Hello, everyone! New Blog is coming~
May you heard Howo truck, Sinotruk truck engine; did not know more about Sinotruk marine engine. Today I would like to share you some information about Sinotruk marine engine.
Sinotruk supply marine engine for Russia for their military boat, you can guess how the Sinotruk marine engine quality, since 2015 year, Sinotruk also cooperated with India SM MARINES company, and have factory in the India. More and more people like Sinotruk marine engine, since it has high quality, price also very nice.
Sinotruk marine engine have four main series marine engine now, WD415, WD615, D1242 and Sinotruk Man marine engine. WD415, WD615 and D1242  totally adopted by Austria Steyr tech., and the Cylinder bock is Ricardo brand EURO III. U.K Delphi brand injector, comparably low volume, light weight. Sinotruk Man engine use Germany tech. and same step to manufacture with Germany company, quality standard the same as Germany MAN factory. Most parts are provided by Germany Man company and Germany Man company’s supplier. WD415 marine engine mainly for 125hp-215hp (4 cylinder), WD615 engine range 125hp-350hp(6 cylinder); D1242 6 cylinder marine engine, it is the WD615 stronger one, have stronger power 350hp-450hp; Sinotruk Man marine engine have two series, M11 and M13, 190hp – 540hp.
Main power engines are divided into two categories, basic use and fishing boat use with speed 1500r/min, 1800r/min, 2100/2000r/min. The basic includes turbocharged intercooled engine and turbocharged engine. The turbocharged intercooled models are the same as Sinotruk truck engines(that is to say, sometimes if you need parts in the urgent, can look for the same truck engine parts), but adding marine special spares, such as marine intercooler, sea- fresh water heat-exchanger, monitor, PS8500 fuel injection pump(with parking electromagnet)sea water pump, SAE1flywheel case, 14” flywheel, and flywheel connecting flange, supporter. 
The auxiliaries engines are divided into two categories: the basic model engines and emergency engines with speed 1500r/min1800r/min. The auxiliary basic model engines based on the main power basic model, oil pump is changed into electrical governor type, and monitor is changed into computerized monitor. The emergency engines are fan water tank cooling type without heat- exchanger, sea water pump, intercooler, and the flywheel cases are double starting shell, can choose the double high-pressure oil pipe instead of high-pressure oil pipe, fuel-leakage alarm equipment also can be chosen. Or can choose fresh water heating pump inlet and outlet oil cooler case,  pipe, mechanical governor oil pump, double insulation system alternator, starter, monitor. Choose the one you want.
You may also want to know what is the engine emission, we are here to tell you, EUROII standard, Nox Emission Certificate, if you need, we also can supply you. You may want to have certificate for the engine, ISO, CE, ROSH, INTERTEK certificate is free for you, we also can help you apply CCS, ZC, ZY, ABS, GL, KR, BV…
All Sinotruk marine engine we guarantee 3 years quality warranty, 24h on line after-sale service online, up to now, we even have no bad feedback about Sinotruk marine engine quality.
Do you want to know more about the Sinotruk marine engine, please contact us, Whatsapp/Wechat/Tel:0086-18260055956, Email: [email protected]; we will send you engine catalog soon.
If you are hesitate to choose which marine engine, please do not hesitate to contacting us, good engine and good price to support you, good service also around you, professional team with professional engineerswho has been in shipbuilding more than 25 yearsalso waiting for you!
Looking forward to seeing you~
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