• 16kNm steering radius steering system motor ship steering parts

16kNm steering radius steering system motor ship steering parts

No.marine steering system 001
Place of Origin: Shanghai, China (Mainland) Brand Name: Sinooutput load capacity: 30kn power: 500-800hp Engine type: in line Bore*stroke:126*130 Cylinder NO.: 6 Stroke: 4 stroke fuel consumption: 196g/KW.h net weight: 500kg recommand gearbox: HC
  • 16kNm steering radius steering system motor ship steering parts
Product Description

16kNm steering radius steering system motor ship steering parts

The steering system in accordance with the《Rules for classification of ships》on the steering gear in the requirements for the design, the use of open-type valve hydraulic system and swing cylinder piston to push the rudder mechanism, with avariety of valve type (such as HD-S type) or autopilot servo steering instrument to match the ship's steering control system components, and undertake the task of changing and maintaining the course of the ship.


The full rudder servo transfer time ≤ 28S (sea-going ships).

The steering gear has two completely independent pump motor unit can be used in rotation (also mutual backup)

Main Specifications

  Name Sino-Winch-24
1 Rudder Machine Mode SINO-W125-30
2 Nominal torque 30KN.m
3 Turn the wheel full time ≤28S
4 Maximum steering angle ±35°
5 Mechanical limit angle ±36.5°
6 Steering radius 270mm
7 Working pressure 8.5MPa
8 relief pressure 10.6MPa
9 Pump Model 25SCY14-1B
10 AC motor model Y132S-6-H(3kw)

Presentation of structure.


The steering gear is characterized by: pushing the rudder mechanism adopts swing cylinder piston, simple compact structure, light weight, easy installation process, valve assembly, integration and a high degree of hydraulic components are domestic famous brand, reliable quality, replacement convenient, hydraulic system uses the open system, the hydraulic system simplified.

In addition, the possible failure of the site, located a sound and light alarm devices, thereby improving steering vitality.





Detailed Images



Presentation of structure.

The rudder mechanism is a mechanism that converts the hydraulic energy produced by the oil pump into mechanical energy,It is composed of an oil cylinder, a piston, a base, Px type shaft sealing ring, O ring, ring etc.

Oil cylinder is a pressure vessel with thick wall seamless steel pipe welding, it is also an important component of thrust to the hull.

Pistons are made from forged steel cylindrical parts, which fit with the cylinder to form the pressure vessel work together to complete the conversion of energy, it directly through the thrust generated by the hydraulic piston pin slider passed rudder tiller, the rudder blade rotation.

The piston and the cylinder are sealed by three Px type shaft sealing ring, O ring and dust ring.Seal assembly loose or tight can be adjusted by end cap screw.

On the top of the cylinder is also provided with a double stop valve, under normal circumstances, the double stop valve should be fully open, if necessary, just turn off the part or all of them(for example: in the normal navigation, without the need to dismantle the inspection of a pump motor group, the other pump group continue to use to ensure the independence of the two pump turbine).

In addition to the steering gear is equipped with an electrical limit device, there is a mechanical limit device, that is, by the end of the piston to go to the limit, the bottom of the cylinder can be achieved mechanical limit, the rudder angle is ±36.5 degrees.


Oil pump motor group is the power source of the entire  

steering engine, it consists of two sets of left and right units, each unit consists of a marine motor, a matching pump, a variety of valves, Various valves,piping and other components.

Reserve tank and its purpose is to give daily hydraulic tank due to leakage caused by the hydraulic system when the complement of the oil level is too low to use, designed and manufactured by the user. Hydraulic control system comprises the high-pressure relief valve, solenoid valve, special valve (two-way balancing valve, safety bypass valve combination), low-level alarm device hydraulic, filter clogging mouth, loss of pressure alarms.
Pressure relief valve is to protect the pump from overload effect.

Safety bypass valve is in the steering servo, the protection tanks and piping, not because of external forces sometimes cause the rudder received contained tanks and piping damage.
A dedicated valve set is used to overcome the negative torque and to make the rudder work smoothly.
Low level alarm is used to forecast the normal work of the lowest level, thereby improving the working reliability of steering gear.
High temperature alarm is used to predict the maximum allowable temperature of the hydraulic oil, thus improving the reliability of the steering engine.

The working principle of the steering gear is as follows:

Below to the right side of an oil pump motor group as an example to illustrate the work of the

steering gear,when the oil pump motor group is started,solenoid (liquid) valve in the middle of the

center position and remain on standby,At this point, oil pump oil from the oil tank,the rudder

cylinder is in a closed state,the rudder is fixed to a certain angle.If the ship needs to turn or turn

around, the operation of electromagnetic (liquid)valve can reach the purpose.the solenoid valve is

reset to the middle position at this time,the rudder angle is locked in a fixed position.


  Operation  installation of hydraulic steering gear


1,  The hydraulic steering gear is installed in the hydraulic system diagram and installation sketch map

2,  System piping should refer to the hydraulic system combined with site conditions map and

      reasonable layout, using Φ22 × 4 high pressure seamless steel pipe, low pressure pipe used φ25 × 3

     seamless steel pipe; seamless steel pipe should be thoroughly cleaned before installation, pipe wall

     can not have any impurities (such as scale, weld, oil, rust, etc.);


3, The base plate of the push rudder oil cylinder should be flat, and the steering cylinder is fixed well according 


     to the schematic diagram of the installation, and the limit block is welded on the bottom plate to bear the axial


     force and lateral force;


4,  After installation, the system should carry out the pressure test, the test pressure is 1.5 times  the working pressure, 


     which lasted for 5 minutes, no leakage and permanent deformation;


5,   Circuit laying is implemented in accordance with the electrical principle diagram, ensure

      reliable joint is not loose, after the end of the construction should control electrical schematic

     diagram carefully check, confirm correct to run the electricity, and schematic operating item by item

      according to the test, to ensure reliable operation.

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