• marine 150 hp diesel engine stern drive
  • marine 150 hp diesel engine stern drive
  • marine 150 hp diesel engine stern drive
  • marine 150 hp diesel engine stern drive
  • marine 150 hp diesel engine stern drive

marine 150 hp diesel engine stern drive

Condition: New Engine: 4 Stroke Fuel Type: Diesel Cylinders: 4 Engine Position:Inboard Dimensions (L x W x H) (mm): 828x663x724mm marine products:marine motor Order Number:4 cylinder intake mode:turbocharged Rated power: 110-120KW
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  • marine 150 hp diesel engine stern drive
  • marine 150 hp diesel engine stern drive
  • marine 150 hp diesel engine stern drive
  • marine 150 hp diesel engine stern drive
  • marine 150 hp diesel engine stern drive

Product Description

marine 150 hp diesel engine stern drive


This engine adopted advanced design theory and design method, combing with the many years turbocharged inter-cooler technology and practice experience to develop unitedly the high speed yacht power, high reliability, lower emission.  

Fast speed: High rotation speed running could guarantee the high speed of the yacht, better acceleration.   

Reliability: High strengthened crankshaft, enhanced type gantry type cylinder block, inner cooling fuel pipe piston, the development is authorized by China government. Each circle nearly 20 sets of sample engine, three times of design, revising and testing to greatly protect the following volume production safety, reliable running.   

Fuel-saving: Turbocharged inter-cooled technology, high press common rail technology application, it makes each milliliter fuel could release superlatively.   Lower noise and comfortable: Small vibration, lower noisy, lower emission.   

Safety: Water cooled air exhaust pipe, lower temperature and thermal insulation technology, to lower the engine room temperature.

Compact construction and light weight: Module design, light weight materials application, the whole unit engine weight is very light can be 380kg and the good surface looking. 

Model Yuchai 4 cylinder marine engine 150hp 3100rpm
Type Vertical, in-line, water-cooled, four stroke
Intake way Turbo charging
No. of cylinders - Bore × Stroke (mm) 4-96×103
Displacement (L) 2.982
Compression ratio 16.3:1
Continuous power /speed (kW (Ps)/r/min) 110 (150)/3100
One-hour power/speed (kW (Ps)/r/min) 120 (165)/3200
Min. specific fuel consumption (g/kW·h) ≤195
Specific oil consumption (g/kW·h) ≤0.8
Crankshaft rotation direction (seen from power output end) Anticlockwise
Starting way Electrical
Net weight (kg) 380
Overall dimensions (LxWxH) (mm) 828×663×724
Certificate ZC,CCS

Details introduction

                                                                                                        150hp diesel engine tech. parameters
Type Vertical, in-line, water-cooled, four stroke Rated speed r/min 3100
Intake way Turbo charging& inter-cooled Overload power kW 121
Firing room type Direct injection Ɯ firing room Overload speed r/min 3 200
Fuel system Electrical control high press common rail pump Rated working condition fuel consumption g/(kW·h) ≤195
No. of cylinders - Bore × Stroke (mm) 4-96×103 Mini.fuel consumption g/(kW·h) ≤192  
Valve number per cylinder 2 Rated idle speed(max. speed) r/min ≤3410
Displacement (L) 2.982 Min. Adjustable idle speed r/min 650~750
Cylinder type Wet cylinder Min. Overload continue speed r/min ≤1395
Compression ratio 16.3:1 Oil consumption g/(kW·h) ≤0.2  
Firing sequence 1—3—4—2 Smoke BSU ≤3.0  
Crankshaft rotation direction Anti-clockwise(face to free end) Noise Lw dB(A) ≤117
Lubricating type Press and splash IMO g/(kW·h) ≤7.85
Oil capacity (L) 10 Net weight kg 380
Starting type Electrical start Rated power kW/hp 110/150
Back press(after turbocharged) kPa ≤10 Dimension(L*W*H) mm
Mercury Stern drive
Emission Tire 2
Horse power 150hp
Rated speed 3800-4000
Cylinder number 1--4
Engine dry weight 360-400kg
Aspiration Turbocharged
Fuel injection system High press common rail
Cooling system Fresh water cooling
Digital throttle and shift Yes

Diesel engine parts shipping list
No. Name Drawing Qty. No. Name Drawing Qty.
1 Nut M16 Q340B16 2 16 Post vortex transition nozzle gasket F9200-1118509 1
2 Gasket φ16 Q40116 2 17 Turbine rear take over gasket F9200-1118501 1
3 Gasket 16 Q40316 2 18 Post vortex transition nozzle F9200-1118507 1
4 Bolt M16×90 Q150B1690 2 19 Rear vortex tube is fully coated with a heat insulation sleeve F9200-1118571 1
5 Flange bolt M10×22 Q1841022TF2 3 20 Connect the cooling tube behind the vortex FAT20-1118508 1
6 Combination seal washer 16 Q/YC149-16 4 21 Flange bolt M10×16 Q1841016TF2 2
7 Hinged bolts M16×1.5 Q/YC901-1C1615 2 22 Flange bolt M10×20 Q1841020TF2 2
8 Prefilter unit SC2000-1105300 1 23 Pipe joint FAT20-1118553 1
9 Electronic throttle unit L7100-3823800A 1 24 Flange FAT20-1013202 1
10 Controller FG200-3823351A 1 25 Gasket B8500-1119105B 2
11 Filter components FG200-1105140 1 26 Vehicle wiring harnessⅡ FAT10-3823262C 1
12 Filter components S2000-1105350 1 27 Engine side meter L7200-3800D40-006 1
13 Oil filter 186-1012240 1 28 Remote instrument component L7100-3800E00-006 1
14 V belt YC80-15N-1150A 1 29 With engine tool assembly F9200-3901200 1
15 XB-A type wrench for rotary filter 150-3901016A 1        
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