Weichai WH motores marine 6 cylindero 650-1000hp@1000-1500rpm

Weichai WH marine engines can be 6 cylinder and 12 cylinder, both common rail type marine engines,  turbocharged intercooled.
6 cylinder with power 650-1000hp@1000-1500rpm.
12 cylinder with power 1220-1970hp@1200-1500rpm.
This common rail engines has the following features:
Safe and reliable
High-strength engine body, crankshaft and connecting rod, large flow rate filter first and then cold lubrication system and high-efficiency cooling system, with fewer tubes and a one-cylinder one-head design, to ensure that the diesel engine overhaul period is not less than 20000h
Through the reasonable matching of the electronically controlled high-pressure common rail system, turbocharger, injector, air duct and combustion chamber, the torque reserve of the whole machine reaches more than 25%, and the common speed torque is greater than the torque at the calibration point, which is more suitable for users' actual needs
Economic and fuel efficient
The electronic control unit precisely controls the timing and amount of fuel injection
Large intake air volume, full combustion, wide economic operation range
Comfortable and environmentally friendly
The high-pressure common rail system with ultra-high injection pressure and the bacteria-valve type bleed valve supercharger are adopted to take into account economy and emissions. The economic operation range is wide (700~1200r/min), and the minimum fuel consumption rate can reach 185g/kW•h , Emissions can meet China's Phase II requirements
Strong practicality
Optional LCD Internet instrument, real-time monitoring of diesel engine speed, water temperature, oil temperature, oil pressure and other parameters, when the diesel engine parameters exceed the limit, it can automatically alarm and stop, and increase the wind and wave mode to ensure that the ship is not in critical moments such as wind and waves makes it stop.

Item specification
Model 6WH Series
Cylinder type In-line ,direct injection,turbocharged , intercooled
Bore(mm) 170
Stroke(mm) 222
No.of cylinder 6
Displacement (L) 30.22
Ignition sequence 1-5-3-6-2-4
Crankshaft rotation direction(Facing the flywheel) Anti-clockwise
Standard power/speed(hp/r/min) 650-1000/1000-1500
Overload power/speed (hp/r/min) 715-1100/1048-1548
Idle speed(r/min) 500
Rated fuel consumption rate (g/kW▪ h) 205
Rated oil consumption rate ≤0.3
Fuel System Common rail
Net weight(kg) 3500
Dimensions L×W×H (mm) 2355×1210×1615


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