• Yuchai YC6T series marine diesel engine(380-540hp)

Yuchai YC6T series marine diesel engine(380-540hp)

YC6T is the new generation engine especially developed to meet the requirements of vessels. It is ideal for powering various kinds of vessels. It is used as the ideal power for 250-300 kW auxiliary genset.
  • Yuchai YC6T series marine diesel engine(380-540hp)

The power of Yuchai marine engine covers 25-2200kW and has passed the certification of the world's top ten classification societies. In the application field, Yuchai engines are widely used for carrier, engineering ships, fishing boats, passenger ships, official boats, yachts and so on.

Yuchai YC6T adaptation model:

suitable for mainly equipped with 250-300KW generator sets, 700-4000t inland river transport ships, 20-40m official boats, yachts, 26-44m fishing boats and so on.


Reliability and durability

• The development of product is carried out with rigorous mechanical engineering development accreditation standards, durability bench test accumulated for 20000 hours.

•A cylinder head is respectively bolted to the top of each bank of cylinder for ease of

• maintenance and repair Cylinder head bolts are evenly spaced and positioned, which is better able to withstand forces evenly.

• Valve timing mechanism, camshaft is placed in the upper part of cylinder block, short and thick push rod and roller tappet, so as to achieve higher reliability.

• Advanced equipment and quality control method for casting to assembly, ensure higher quality.

Fuel economy

• Four-valve technology increases the flow areas of air by a wide margin, so as to realize better atomization condition and more intense combustion.

• P pump and P nozzle are adopted to achieve higher injection pressure and more powerful working capacity, injector is matched with combustion chamber more rationally, contributing to better mixture and atomization condition.

• Mechanical losses are reduced dramatically more than 15%, and less air pumping losses and consumption.

• Fuel consumption is reduced by 10-15% compared with engines of same power.

Safety and comfortability

• Four-valve technology reduces effectively intake and exhaust noises.

• Rear positioned gear chamber and advanced point-line gear-meshing technology are adopted to lower mechanical noise of transmission system in further.

Technical Data

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